An unlimited choice of colours

The range of artificial granite colours provided by Granitops is unlimited – they can be ordered in countless variations in different tones and shades. We are constantly adding new colours to our palette, so the range of colours is unlimited. We are proud to say that all our colours can be adapted to the specific needs and wishes of our customers.

Mixing colours based on your sample

If you have a sample of the surface of any part of the interior of your home, we can mix the colours based on it. The sample can be a tile, the door of a cupboard, a wall colour etc. We can produce a colour sample tailored for each customer.

Matt or gloss

Matt is the traditional finish; however, the surface can be produced in gloss if a customer wants it.


Granitops material makes it possible to combine and integrate various colours and decorative elements to form a seamless worktop. For example, it is possible to incorporate a company logo or product branding in the worktop.

Styles of materials – ECO, CLASSIC og ELEGANT

We have developed three styles of our Granitops material.

All styles have the same quality, production and technical features. The main differences between the styles are the size of the decorative grain and the sparkling tones of the various colours.

  The ECO style  

This style contains material with fine grains only.

  The CLASSIC style  

This style contains materials with medium and fine grains; it is also possibility to choose grains in one tone.

  The ELEGANT style  

This style includes materials with large, medium and fine grains, as well as sparkling tones in various colours.