Granitops is a composite material made of natural minerals (ATH) combined with a polyester resin.

Granitops material gives products an elegant appearance of granite while still being easy to use and maintain. The material is produced in Latvia but the source of the production technology we learned in the USA. 15 years of production experience have enabled us to improve, develop and advance the visual, practical and physical features of the material.



Granitops’ products are made as seamless items to fit any shape and size during manufacture. This ensures high-value value aesthetic characteristics combined with excellent surface cleaning, care and maintenance qualities.

Unlimited colour choices

The material is produced in Latvia; this means that customers have an unlimited choice of shades and colours. The surface colour can be matched to any colour sample you provide. This sample can be a tile, the outside of the cupboard, a wall colour, etc. We will produce a colour sample that will be tailored to each individual customer.

Hermetic coating

The products are coated with a layer of artificial stone covering.

Easy to mould into any shape or form

Granitops is a liquid material which enables it to be moulded into any shape and so providing multiple design solutions.



Due to the homogenous nature of Granitops worktops, water cannot penetrate the product so swelling is not possible. The foundation is completely covered with a water-resistant artificial stone layer (including installation marks, provided that a worktop was installed by one of our qualified craftsman).

Heat resistant

Kitchen worktops are heat resistant to 90 ° C (or 120 ° C for a short period of time). If customers need a higher heat resistance, for example for special dishes that keep hot for a long time, we can incorporate stainless steel bars in the surface. The surface of the worktop is particularly pleasant to touch – silky warm – because the top heats to the temperature of the room.

Chemically resistant

The surfaces are resistant to all domestic and industrial chemicals. So, coffee, juice, wine and other common stains can be removed easily and quickly, making the surfaces easy to maintain.

Shock resistant

The kitchen worktops are shock resistant. If the worktop is not struck by a sharp object and a chopping board is used for food preparation then the worktop will maintain a long life. Even if the worktop is damaged it can be repaired or replaced easily to maintain its elegance and style.


The guarantee for all worktops is 5 years, except in public buildings when it is 2 years
Guarantee for the material – 25 years
Granitops material is certified