Granitops – artificial stone surfaces, which customers have been choosing for over 15 years

The Granitops brand was created in 2002 and we have worked on design project in Latvia and other countries for over 15 years. Granitops products have established a stable position in the Baltic market over our 15 years of production.

Made in Latvia

All Granitops products are made in Latvia but draw on production technology developed in the U.S.A to provide customers with the most appropriate design solution. We constantly seek to update, develop and advance our products.

An individual approach and solutions

The producer of surfaces and other products from Granitops artificial stone (a specially designed composite material) and specialises in the manufacturing and installation of worktops based on an individual order to provide individual solutions.

Hand made

All our tops are handmade. They are produced by a small number of craftsmen to give an individual and guaranteed product which is sensitive to touch and adds that certain feeling of exclusivity to your life.